Tower of Lovin'

A potent 6-horn arrangement tracked over a driving rock groove.

featuring: Walter White: trumpet, trombone, drum programming. Mike Dubaniewicz: saxophones, midi instruments.

Retro Funk

A 70's style funky romp.

featuring: Walter White: trumpets, trombone and flugelhorn solo. Mike Dubaniewicz: saxophones, flutes and contrabass clarinet. Larry White: vocals

Smooth Alto Sax Solo

A soulful alto saxophone solo tracked over a Smooth Jazz/R&B vamp.

featuring: Mike Dubaniewicz: alto sax, flute, midi instruments, Tom Witkowski: Fender Rhodes

Dolce Flute Trio

A beautiful trio of flutes tracked over electric piano and percussion.

featuring: Mike Dubaniewicz: flutes, Fender Rhodes.