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Dear visitors! I am glad to welcome you to my website mdsax.net. I present to your attention articles on fitness, proper nutrition, exercise and a healthy lifestyle. The essence of the articles written: to tell complex things in a simple and accessible language, to grasp the very essence of the content, without monotonous paragraphs. Purpose: to increase the audience of readers and subscribers and increase people’s interest in a healthy lifestyle. Articles were written and published by me personally, not copied from other sites and not made to order from third-party copywriters, rewriters.

In the articles, I indicate my position, describe it in my own words, and propose solutions. I never insult, I do not belittle someone’s opinion, especially my comrades in the “shop”. I analyze, cite facts, reveal many cases and secrets. Many years of training experience and the accumulated experience of working as a coach allow me to deal with many interesting questions.

I would be grateful for any comments, leave comments. Thank you for your attention.

If you are new to bodybuilding and are just starting your journey in this complex craft, then articles on fitness and bodybuilding will help you understand the theoretical basis of this strength sport. If you are already an advanced athlete, you will still find a lot of interesting and new in them! Here are articles on both training and athlete nutrition. There are also articles on post-workout recovery.